We offer a range of products for wireless communication with many recivers. Our solutions are widely usage during conferences, tourist trips, visiting museums or places of worship. Thanks to wireless communication systems it is possible to visit with a guide wherever it is necessary to keep silence. Such a system is also useful in places where heavy traffic or noise make it impossible to listen to the guide.

The WAT series devices allow to connect a transmitting station (stationary or mobile) with many receivers, which thanks to the power supply from lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries are light and mobile. Thanks to this solution it is possible to provide simultaneous interpreting (even in several languages at the same time) or to communicate with a tourist group even in a large area, because the range of our devices is about 200 meters.

The ATG series allows for automatic sightseeing thanks to a system of mobile receivers (powered by batteries or accumulators) and stationary transmitters, which are located in museums or sacral buildings. Thanks to this solution, the automatic guide starts talking about monuments or works of art exactly at the moment when we are close to a given work or object.

The BTG system is designed for servicing tourist groups visiting from vehicles and can be used by guides who work in coaches, melexes, historic trams or trains. Thanks to its excellent sound quality, it is possible to hear the guide despite traffic noise.