Our goal is to create emotionally and intellectually engaging attractions for visitors. A complete audio tour system consists of a complete set of equipment and pre-programmed media. To facilitate the use of our products, we provide full added value, which includes a wide range of training, installation, text recording and editing (audio, video), language translation and more.

The following services are available:

Service of equipment: Our customers are provided with full service of the equipment purchased from us. Both warranty and after warranty. We replace damaged electronic components, damaged screens, casings, headphone or microphone sockets.

Training: We provide our customers with training on the use and maintenance of our products, as well as updates of audio and video for systems. We provide detailed instructions on how to install and use our products. Our special software is very easy to access, allowing customers to update the multimedia content of each device separately.

Create graphics and videos: Our devices can play multimedia content, including graphics and videos. We can digitally process your raw graphics and videos.

Language translation: Mix Tech aims to provide our customers with the opportunity to serve visitors from all over the world, thus we offer multilingual translation services. We can help our customers translate the guide into the different languages that our devices can use.

OEM Equipment: We provide private labeling for our devices and OEM production. We can tailor our products to your requirements. We deal with product development with our potential partners. You will find out that our products have the highest quality/price ratio.