Two-way portable Wireless Audio Transceiver (WAT01-TW). The bidirectional wireless communication system consists of a signal transmitter and a set of receivers/transmitters. The guide speaks to the transmitter and visitors can hear him in the receivers. When the user presses a button on the receiver, he or she can talk to the handset and everyone else can hear it. This allows a group and a guide from one trip to interact with people from another group. This solution is very good for excursions to large facilities such as factories, historic mines, etc.

WAT01-TW is one of our communication solutions with the following features:

  • unlimited number of receivers for each transmitter
  • two-way communication guide-listener
  • wide bandwidth provides very clean reception
  • small size and interference immunity
  • 3.7 V battery provides 17 hours of operation
  • range up to 250 metres of clear signal
  • 23 independent channels
  • available with charging case


Parameter Value
Frequency: 759 - 928 MHz
Output power: 15 dBm
Sensitivity: -95 dBm
Modulation: QPSK
Frequency response: 40 Hz - 5 KHz
Frequency deviation: +/-75 KHz
Range: 250 m (open space/no disturbance)
S/N ratio: 80 db
Input: microphone/audio, 3.5 mm
Output: headphones/audio, 3.5 mm
Number of channels: 23
Power supply: 3.7 V accumulator, lithium battery
Dimensions: 83 mm x 58 mm x 18 mm
Weight: 60 g, w tym akumulator litowy